Geocode to Rooms in a Building

24 Oct

Continuing with the theme of GIS inside the building, in this post I will show how to geocode students to classrooms inside of a building.

First, import a CAD file to use as a base.  Once the file is in and located properly, draw the classrooms in GIS as a polygon shapefile.

The classrooms need a field that can be used as an address. Create a new field and insert the room number of each room. If you want to code more than one building at a time, then room number would not work — there cannot be duplicate addresses. In that case you would need to create unique addresses for each room — the school acronym followed by room number may be a good start.

For this example I have created a student list. Each student is named ‘Student’ plus a number and is assigned to a classroom. The list is shown below.

Create an address locator in GIS using a single field. Pick your reference data and the key field and click OK. Geocode the address list using the newly created locator. Add points to the map. Your file will look like the one below.

There is only one point in each room. If you use the INFO tool and click on a point you will see a list of all the students at this location.  To create a better visualization of our data we will count the number of points in each room.  In the point shapefile create a field called COUNT and set the value equal to 1.  Join the room shapefile with the point file based on location. The output will be a single colored room file that looks like this:

Looking at the properties of the file you will see the COUNT field summed for the number of students in each room.

The last steps are to change the SYMBOLOGY of the shapefile based on quantity, using COUNT as the field. Add a label and you will now have a color coded shapefile showing the number of students in each room.


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