Link 3D Model to QR Code

3 Feb

I have been bouncing ideas off the wall trying to think of a way to link a QR Code to a 3D model – from Revit. The from Revit part is important. I do not want just a bunch of geometry, but I want to have all the data in the model as well. The hardest part was trying to find a way to get the 3D model on a mobile device. I finally remembered how I used Inventor Publisher Mobile for iPhone to display my 3D Revit models. So now all I had to do was bridge the gap from a QR Code to the application.You must have IPM Viewer on your phone for this to work. It is free.

PHP to the rescue, yet again! Architects, this is why you need to understand code. You do not need to be a code monkey but need to know how to read, modify, and copy code from other places.

So here is the code. Put this in a file on your webserver. Mine is called ipm.php.


Here is the QR Code that links to the PHP file:


When you scan this code, you should see a page that looks like this:





Select the Open in IPM Viewer and the file will be loaded in the application. You will then have a full Revit model, in 3D, with all the data, on your phone.

Notice the popup saying “basic roof?” I double tapped an object and got the popup. Click the  arrow to see all the properties associated with it.




One Response to “Link 3D Model to QR Code”

  1. Yan Aung Moe December 2, 2014 at 4:28 am #


    I’m quite new for BIM with QR code and learning on it. And i’m also totally new for all the coding stuffs. According to your post, is the basement model stored in your device? What if the models are stored at a server? how to link those models and view on IPM? Could you please explain a bit more.


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