The History of Albuquerque in QR Codes

22 Feb

So I had an idea where I would place QR Codes around Downtown Albuquerque. When you scan the code, you would see a photograph from between 1890 -1927 of the site you are standing on. I even used the New Mexico Centennial logo with my codes. I created a map, using leaflet.js, of where the six codes would be place (2 were placed at 1st and Central). The map is mobile capable and is at popups show you what photo you would see when you scan the code.

In Albuquerque we have a group called the Downtown Action Team. They clean the City every morning and I must say they do a good job. There is not a single piece of paper attached to any posts in this city. This should have been a clue that my project was doomed to fail. My QR Codes were gone within 2 days.

Well, it was a nice try and a cool project. Here is a sample of my QR Codes – I would like to replace the middle of the code with a Zia in the future.


One Response to “The History of Albuquerque in QR Codes”

  1. Brian February 22, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    Great Idea. It makes me wonder if in the future sites with have QR codes built into signs.

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