Crowdsourcing Maps Using Ushahidi

13 Mar

Making maps requires the collection of large amounts of data. The size of the area you wish to map increases the amount of data needed to make the map effective. One way to accomplish the data collection is by crowdsourcing your map. A central user or community can set up a base map and allow users to input data into this map. Mapping a city this way would allow people familiar with specific areas of the city to map what they see and know about those areas. They are the local experts. This not only provides, probably, better data, but also allows for large amounts of data to be collected quickly.

There are several GIS software platforms for creating a crowdsourced map. One platform in particular stands out – Ushahidi. The Ushahidi Platform is an open source application for “information collection, visualization and interactive mapping.” Requiring at a minimum a web server, such as Apache, PHP 5, and MySQL, all of which are free and open source. Ushahidi can run on many computers.

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