AutoCAD WS: Geolocation

31 Mar

In the new AutocAD WS update for iPhone there is now a set location, my location, and mark toolbar. I was hoping that I could add my location and then press “my location” and as I walked around the building the blue dot would move. This seems pretty easy using the geolocation features built in to the phone – I have a map that does it and it’s not even a full blown app. What the app did do was allow me to select my location and then I could view the drawing in Google Earth. My drawing is not properly scaled so it’s huge but I will post the pictures below. As someone who likes to place CAD drawings in GIS, it annoys me when I open a drawing and see it being drawn in the ocean. I hate 0,0. I always end up opening drawings and moving them to the correct position. So being able to just stand at the corner of a building and select my current location saves me some time.

Autodesk is really improving AutoCAD WS and I am enjoying it – they added 3D views as well! Let me walk the building or site and update my location in the drawing and I will be an even happier user.

Here are the pictures showing setting location, my location, and mark. Lastly, on Google Earth in the desktop browser app.



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