URL Tricks in a Revit Schedule

22 May

In a Revit schedule you can add a parameter of type URL. I think everyone is fairly familiar with this but I think, as with QR Codes, people are just linking to a website. But what else would you link to? How about a local file on your hard or network drive. Or, why not pass data with the URL to a page in PHP that processes the URL – it’s much easier than you may think.


Revit URL

Opened from a Revit Schedule

With your Revit model, you could include a folder of documents that you could then link to withing Revit. They do not need to be on the internet.Web browsers are really just file browsers. Changing HTTP to FILE makes it a local file browser. I created a room in Revit and added a parameter of type URL. The URL added is:


This URL links to a picture on my desktop. If I click the link in Revit, I get the image on the right. The computer knows to launch the appropriate program to open the file. A link to a AVI file opens my Divx Player.


In a my post on GIS and QR Codes, I explain how to use a QR Code to pass and retrieve data. The same can be done from a link in a Revit schedule. The trick uses PHP $_GET. Ever seen a url like this: http://amazon.com/books.php?book=revit-for-beginners. Well that is what a URL passing data looks like.  after the ? you enter a variable name then the = then a value. To add multiple variables include an &, like this: http://paul.com/names.php?name=paul&last=crickard. You will need a PHP script to process the data. Here is a working example that would pass the latitude and longitude of the room from a Revit field to a website. The URL to enter in the field is:


Click this link to see a map showing the room location. Enter this in to a Revit schedule field of type URL and click it in Revit.

You can also retrieve external database data from a Revit URL. Using the same method, you would make a SQL query like the following:

SELECT * FROM rooms WHERE number = $_GET[roomchosen].

The URL would be something like: http://paul.com/rooms.php?roomchosen=4. I have a post that describes this more and has source code HERE.

Do more with your Revit URL fields. Use HTML and PHP to build applications on top of your Revit file. If you think of any cool applications tell me about it in the comments section.


4 Responses to “URL Tricks in a Revit Schedule”

  1. Yair November 2, 2015 at 3:33 pm #

    That`s really interesting tough not entirely clear.
    I was wondering how can this be used in my case.
    Is it possible to link a tab in the Material Browser to a website, so that this tab will be automatically filled (for instance, say I want to link the ‘Cost’ tab of a certain material to a material cost database I have online)?


    • paulcrickard November 2, 2015 at 3:40 pm #

      If you want external data to populate a tab within Revit, you would need to write a plugin that grabs the data and passes it to the tab. My example just pointed to data outside of Revit using URL fields. It would be nice – and easier- if Revit allowed Macros in a field kind of like Excel.


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