Leaflet.js Interactivity

19 Jun

I have been playing with Leaflet and while I am not a JavaScript pro, I wanted to make my map more of an application. Two things I have started working on: Adding buttons and capturing popups.

In Leaflet, to add or remove a layer you only need to call map.addLayer(layerName) and map.removeLayer(layerName). I created a function


and then I created a hyperlink

<a href=”#” onClick=”addPoints()”>

I grabbed a button image and used it as the link. When you click the button, the map will add a layer.

Click Button to Add Layer

Red School Points are Added When Clicked.

The remove button does the same thing but uses the map.removeLayer() function.

I also wanted to capture popup info and display it on the webpage so I can display more data and do things with it. To display a popup in the webpage, I modified the popup function from Bryan McBride. Instead of:



I took the text in the setContent(), deleted the openPopup(), and used:

var container = document.getElementById(“display”);
container.innerHTML = “the text from setContent()”;

I have a DIV at the top of the page with an id=”display”. This is where the info from the popup will show up.

Top Line Will Open With PopUp Info

PopUp Displayed

Here is my full HTML file. It connects to my GeoServer so it will not work properly but you can see the code.



2 Responses to “Leaflet.js Interactivity”

  1. Patrick August 19, 2014 at 12:36 pm #

    Could you reupload the file with code?


  1. Leaflet.js Interactivity II: Allow Users to Add Points « Architecture and Planning - June 29, 2012

    […] Part I, I showed how to use buttons to add and remove layers, and how to capture popup text and display it […]

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