Crystal Reports for Revit Schedules

1 Oct

I have been playing with Crystal Reports and think they are an excellent option for Revit schedules.  With Cystal Reports you can design and write a single report to work on EVERY Revit project. The report handles all the data collection and adjusts itself to fit the data.

I have a fake room schedule in Excel (I exported the schedule and imported to Excel). Opening Crystal Reports, I select a new connection and choose Access. Under Access is the option for Excel 8.

When I select the Excel file, I can choose the sheets. Choose sheet 1.

Now I have a designer screen in Crystal Reports.

In the design view, I added my face to the Report Header and you can see some fields like [Report Title], [Author] and [Page Number]. these are Special Fields that will pull from the report properties. The text in the page header is hard coded and will appear on every page, as will the footer. The magic happens in the Details Section. I will drag fields from my Excel sheet to this section and it will populate the data for me.

You can see on the left, I have all the fields that are in the Excel sheet. I can drag them to the Details and the Header will automatically get the title. There is only one line in this report, but it will duplicate the data values for each record in the schedule.

Crystal reports is very powerful. You can group and sort, filter, and add subtotals, running totals, and grand totals. You can also add formulas that operate on fields.

Here is the finished report.

Here is the PDF: REPORT.PDF  

You can export to many different formats. By saving out any schedules from different projects to the same Excel file, you can run the report on new data just by opening it. (Overwrite WallSchedule.XLS with every new Revit wall schedule. ) The data connection remains and the fields all have the same names.
This post was a bit rushed, but I hope the point is clear: Crystal Reports can create Revit reports that are far more attractive and powerful than Revit can — at the moment. My report is not beautiful, but Google some samples and you will see their power.

This report shows a little more: Better Report.PDF



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