Shapefile Creator Website Using Cherrypy

8 Nov

I showed how to create a shapefile using python, now I want to make the tool public with a web based front-end. My python web framework of choice is Cherrypy. -a minimal web framework.

My website will allow you to enter Longitude, Latitude and a comment. I am working on a text area where you can paste data. Here ie my website:

And when you submit, you can download a ZIP of your shapefile.

Pretty simple. I don’t really know what the use case is – if you have GIS and Long/Lat you would just import it directly. And if you don’t have GIS, why do you need a shapefile? But I guess this shows how you can perform GIS data functions through the web using python. Maybe connect some toolboxes and use Arcpy to allow people to run your models with their data – without giving your model and logic away.

My code is not pretty and no built for production – it is built to work. Here it is.

import cherrypy
import shapefile
from cherrypy.lib.static import serve_file
import zipfile

class SHP(object):

def index(self):
<BODY><FORM NAME=’shp’ action=’paul’>Latitude: <input type=’text’ name=’lat’><BR>Longitude: <input type=’text’ name=’long’>
<BR>Comment: <input type=’text’ name=’comment’><BR><input type=’submit’ Value=’SUBMIT’>
</FORM></BODY></HTML>””” = True

def paul(self,lat,long,comment):
w = shapefile.Writer(shapefile.POINT)
w.point(Flong, Flat)
prj = open(“Web.prj”, “w”)
epsg = ‘GEOGCS[“WGS 84”,’
epsg += ‘DATUM[“WGS_1984”,’
epsg += ‘SPHEROID[“WGS 84”,6378137,298.257223563]]’
epsg += ‘,PRIMEM[“Greenwich”,0],’
epsg += ‘UNIT[“degree”,0.0174532925199433]]’
zipped = zipfile.ZipFile(‘’, mode=’w’)
return “Download Shapefile: <a href=’/get?filepath=C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\’>YourShapefile</a>” = True

def get(self, filepath):
return serve_file(filepath, “application/x-download”, “attachment”) = True

cherrypy.config.update({‘server.socket_host’: ‘’,
‘server.socket_port’: 8000,



2 Responses to “Shapefile Creator Website Using Cherrypy”

  1. grow lights August 17, 2014 at 2:49 pm #

    Great info. Lucky me I recently found your blog by
    accident (stumbleupon). I have book-marked it for later!


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