MongoDB and Shapely

18 Nov

I wanted to connect my mongoDB to Shapely so that I could create buffers and do some other things, like spit out my points and buffers as WKT. Here is what I came up with.

from pymongo import Connection,GEO2D
from shapely.geometry import asShape,Point


for q in db.b.find({“loc”:{“$near”:[-106,35]}}).limit(1):
point=Point(q[“loc”][0],q[“loc”][1])  #this is passing mongoDB to Shapely

point.x    #just checking I didn’t make a mistake


t.area  #checking. Result is 12.a lot of number



Now I can use mongoDB and find all the points in a bounding box or near another point or near a point where type=Coffee Shop, then send that to Shapely for a buffer or to measure distance or whatever, then spit it out as WKT. Saw a tutorial on using shapely with GDAL/OGR and Fiona. Goodle that and see how to send it all back to a shapefile.


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