Albuquerque Public Art: A Mobile Leaflet.js Example

5 Dec
Mobile Leaflet Map with Geolocation, Clusters, and Icons.

Mobile Leaflet Map with Geolocation, Clusters, and Icons.

I was looking at the Albuquerque OpenData – it’s all in KML – and decided to make a mobile map using the public art file. The first thing I did was write a Python script to get the Long, Lat and URL of the image out as text. I renamed the KML to XML and imported it in to Excel. From there I deleted out several columns and stripped some information out by hand. Then I ran this script to get my JavaScript:

from xlrd import open_workbook

for rownum in range(sheet.nrows):
a=”[“+str(sheet.cell_value(rownum,2))+” , “+str(sheet.cell_value(rownum,1))+” , “+'”<img src=’+”‘”+str(sheet.cell_value(rownum,3))+”‘”+’>”‘+”],\n”


I wrote my Leaflet map and put the output in as my markers. Then I made a new PNG using the Albuquerque Vase Logo. Lastly, I grabbed the LocateControl. View the live example.

If you view this page on an iPhone, it will ask for your current location. You can also click the location circle in the top left of the map – under the zoom controls.  Doesnt appear to work on Droid – but only tested on 1 device.

Just grab the code from the example by going to ‘page source’ in your browser – ctrl-u in Firefox.

If you do not have location enabled, you can go to this map.


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