Albuquerque Public Art

10 Dec

Albuquerque has released a bunch of data as part of their transparency initiative. The best of the data is in KML, which I am not thrilled about. Wish that open initiatives would use formats like CSV or JSON instead of SHP and KML.

Oh well, I have moved on. Their public art file is cool. It is a KML of points where you can find art in ABQ with a table of information and an image. I scrubbed the KML through some python scripts I wrote and got the Long, Lat, and a URL to an image. Let me add, they have a website with this map already, but it is an embedded ArcGIS Online map.   I am giving away the data in a python script that creates a MongoDB with geospatial indexing enabled(GEO2D).

The code is a lot of insert statements:

from pymongo import Connection
from pymongo import GEO2D

#db.drop_collection(“publicart”) you shouldn’t need this.

db.publicart.insert({“loc”:[35.1555,-106.591838],”name”:”Almond Blossom/Astronomy”,”popup”:””})
db.publicart.insert({“loc”:[35.0931,-106.664177],”name”:”Formas Esperando Palabra de Otros Mundos”,”popup”:””})
db.publicart.insert({“loc”:[35.1143,-106.577991],”name”:”Sumer #24″,”popup”:””})

The full python file is on my website.



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