Crime Density in Albuquerque

23 Feb

I posted earlier on Air Pollution Density in Albuquerque. I used pollution sources because the crime data was missing x,y values. In this post, I will add a line to the code to allow us to use Crime Data for the last 180 days.

The Application

The application maps the density of crime over the last 180 days. The result is in the image below.


To change the data from pollution to crime, just switch out the url using the link to the Crime Data.


Because the data is missing (x,y) values, our application will crash. We can add an if statement to check if the coordinates are null and if so, don’t map it.

else{var t = L.marker([result.features[x].geometry.y,result.features[x].geometry.x]);//.addTo(map);

Lastly, you will need to change the color scale to account for the change in values for each polygon.

function getColor(d) {
return d > 140 ? ‘#800026’ :
d > 120 ? ‘#BD0026’ :
d > 80 ? ‘#E31A1C’ :
d > 60 ? ‘#FC4E2A’ :
d > 40 ? ‘#FD8D3C’ :
d > 20 ? ‘#FEB24C’ :
d > 5 ? ‘#FED976’ :

Data does not come perfectly clean. It is our job to try to deal with problems in the data in our applications – or at least make it fail gracefully.

Try changing the grid size or the color values:
JS Bin



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