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Import ArcGIS in to Revit

15 Jun

Saw a google search for importing GIS files in to revit. The way I move between GIS and CAD, because I don’t have ArcGIS, is using Autodesk Civil 3D. Civil includes Autodesk Map. You can simply go to the map menu and import. Select the SHP file, then export as AutoCAD. You can also draft and export a CAD file to SHPusing the same menus.

I am pretty sure that there is a toolbox in ArcGIS that will export a SHP as CAD. May require the data interoperability extension.

Remember, Revit does not like files that cover an area greater than 20 miles or so. You may need to crop your SHP.


AutoCAD WS: Geolocation

31 Mar

In the new AutocAD WS update for iPhone there is now a set location, my location, and mark toolbar. I was hoping that I could add my location and then press “my location” and as I walked around the building the blue dot would move. This seems pretty easy using the geolocation features built in to the phone – I have a map that does it and it’s not even a full blown app. What the app did do was allow me to select my location and then I could view the drawing in Google Earth. My drawing is not properly scaled so it’s huge but I will post the pictures below. As someone who likes to place CAD drawings in GIS, it annoys me when I open a drawing and see it being drawn in the ocean. I hate 0,0. I always end up opening drawings and moving them to the correct position. So being able to just stand at the corner of a building and select my current location saves me some time.

Autodesk is really improving AutoCAD WS and I am enjoying it – they added 3D views as well! Let me walk the building or site and update my location in the drawing and I will be an even happier user.

Here are the pictures showing setting location, my location, and mark. Lastly, on Google Earth in the desktop browser app.