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Free Revit Viewer

6 Jan

As I look over some of my analytics, I see a lot of people searching for a free Revit viewer.  I don’t know what these people intend to do with the viewer and therefore do not know what capabilities they would like it to have. But, I will put out a few good options and point you to a list of MANY free “Revit” viewers.

First, I would probably start with Autodesks own “Revit Lite” —  Project Spark. It is available in the Labs. According to the Labs, it will operate until July 7, 2012.

The rest of the viewers, and why I put Revit in quotes earlier, rely on IFC. Export your model, and these free viewers will allow you to do many different things. If you know how to code, grab the Open IFC Tools and write your own viewers.

I have used, FZKViewer and IFCWalkThru. They run as stand alone apps, meaning no installation necessary. You can find them here.

I have also used IFC Engine. I just noticed while writing this that they may even give you the advanced version if you ask. Check it out here.

For many other IFC tools, check out this list on the IFC Wiki.

If you want to get a little creative, you can build a website and embed your 3D model in it. You can even have links to many different views. This trick uses the Revit export to DWF. I have a post on it and a sample website on this blog. If you need copies of the code to make this work, just leave me a comment and I will email it to you.

Hope these help. If you have any other viewers, please leave links to them in the comments section.



DWF in a Website. Part II

1 Apr

In an earlier post, I gave the link to a Firefox and Chrome plugin for viewing a DWF through the web.  I have been looking at examples online and have been disappointed because they fail to take advantage of the abilities of Revit to embed data in to a DWF. I have built a sample website to demonstrate how a Revit model — both 2D and 3D – via DWF can be viewed through the web. When the models load, make sure to select the arrow tool in the toolbar and click on rooms and objects to see the properties. You can add comments and save the DWF to your local machine.

The Firefox and Chrome plugin is HERE.

The website with the models is at fm.educationalfacilityplanning.com

How this works with Design Review 2012, I do not know. But hopefully, everything still plays nice.