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Realtime Bus Map Using OpenLayers and KML

12 Jan

The City of Albuquerque posts a KML file every minute that shows the location of a bus. Using OpenLayers and Open Street Map, I built a map to display route 157.

I needed the KML to be stored locally do I created a PHP script to grab the file. In the HTML, I called the script using . It runs, saves the KML and then OpenLayers displays it.

I would like to use $_GET to allow the passing of a route # to find your bus and a QRCode on the bus sign.

See the map.


OpenLayers and Revit

16 Jul

In a previous post, I showed how OpenLayers could display Autocad Files. OpenLayers, using an Image Layer, can also display an Ortho of your model. While I would prefer a 3D PDF, this may have its uses.

Here is the Revit model as a web map.

I took 3 shots of a Revit model and added two points. I used a blank white image as the background, a full model layer – which is active at the start, a layer with no walls, and a frame layer. By clicking down the layers, you can remove pieces of the building. I did not fix resolutions in my code, but the images can be more crisp. Here is a shot with the Frame Layer turned on.

To see the map live go to my website:

OpenLayers and AutoCAD: OpenLayers.Layer.Image

20 Jun

I have wanted to get my own basemaps in to my web applications. I was looking at a TileServer but do not have the computer and setup to make it work. I started playing with OpenLayers because it allows you to import an image and use it as the base layer. I saw a tweet linking to a hand drawn, isometric, watercolor map of Reyjavik.

I was also playing around with importing AutoCAD in to Leaflet.js. Then I received a comment on a post that linked to FloorPlanMapper. Floorplanmapper uses AutoCAD in OpenLayers as an image like in the Reyjavik map.

So I decided to import a CAD file in OpenLayers and drop 2 points in to a room, then connect a popup to the points. This was my first attempt at OpenLayers and relied a lot on OpenLayers:PopUp Mayham.

Ideally, I would use polygons in the rooms but here is my AutoCAD and OpenLayers map:

OpenLayers is a mapping library that can be used to create applications that use CAD files as the base. Just another possibility and another reason to look cross discipline to deliver great services to your clients.

Here is my code: OpenLayerCAD